Move: W, A, S, DThrow: Left mouse button
Jump: Space barEat: Right mouse button

The gingerbread people are coming! Consume them to survive!

A true story of violence and bloody conquest in the far nation of Cupcake Land!

This game is certified 100% bullet free. Mercilessly clobber your enemies with a hail of guns in your desperate struggle to survive. Every person eaten replenishes a small amount of guns!


  • Realistic gun-throwing physics!
  • An unending assault of delicious enemies!
  • Climbable puddings!
  • Throw a rocket-launcher to kill multiple people at once!
  • Enemy eyes remain after death. Staring. Judging you for your actions.



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Nice :-)

How can you level up from flintlocks? Eating 11 people does nothing...


Press [1], [2] and [3] on the keyboard to change weapons


:D :D :D